About Interunion

Founded in 1987, in Ribeirão Preto-SP, one of the main technological centers in Brazil, Interunion is dedicated to supplying integrated technologies and solutions for the agroenergy sector, which includes the industrialization of sugar cane for sugar production, alcohol and energy.

With a highly qualified multidisciplinary team and representatives in several countries, Interunion is a pioneer in the worldwide operation of supplying agricultural and industrial equipment, as well as engineering, integration, management and project coordination services, always geared to customer needs.

Interunion’s professionalism and commitment ensure the highest standard of quality in all solutions, maximizing positive results for all involved.

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Interunion Office

Main activities and competitive advantages

Tradition and know-how

More than 30 years of experience in the integration and management of projects, sales of industrial and agricultural equipment and spare parts.


Monitoring and coordination of contracts in the EPC or EPCM modalities, identifying the most appropriate technologies for each situation and combining the best cost-benefit with quality.

Experienced team

Own and specialized engineering, in addition to an experienced and committed team.

Knowledge in logistics

Wide knowledge in international logistics in all modalities, ensuring agility in the processes and the best conditions to the clients.


Legal and financial advice (financing with our own and also with official credit lines).


Centralization of all operations and responsibilities in a single company, optimizing costs and minimizing risks.


To integrate products and services for the industrial, as well as the agricultural sugar and ethanol sectors worldwide, applying technical, economic-financial and logistic solutions to its exports.


To remain as a reference in both, the domestic and international markets, strengthening its status as the main Brazilian exporter of equipment, services and solutions for the sugar and ethanol industries.



Our procedures are rooted in good principles and practices of international trade, whose range involves anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures.


We value and privilege actions which prioritize respect for employees, suppliers and customers.


We seek for compliance with all rules and conventions that rule our work and practices.


We pursuit constant improvement to surpass our customers’ expectations.


We acknowledge our weaknesses in order to encourage constant learning and development.


We work is based on honesty in all our commercial and corporate relationships.

Thinking as the owner

We encourage and promote the spirit of leadership capable of influencing our business growth and our employees’ well-being. Further to that, we aim at adding value to society.

The founder's word

I am proud to see this story being built daily, with the effort and work of many hands, minds and hearts committed and dedicated to this business, which began with a dream and became a reality of success.

We are dedicated to the sugar-energy segment, having pioneered exports of this sector in Brazil. Currently, we stand out for technical expertise and market knowledge, occupying a prominent position among medium-sized companies in the Brazilian export scenario.

We bring the world the best in technology and solutions for the agro-industry of sugar, alcohol and energy, we move important businesses, besides being pioneers and experts in opening and developing new markets, especially those more complex.

We look to the future with motivation and optimism, as we grow strong in our solid trajectory and trust in the strength of the work and the capacity for renewal.

And, as founder and part of Interunion, I reaffirm my commitment to always generate value and to remain as a reference in the national and international sugar-energy market and thus, to continue to make our mark.

Kind regards.