Technical services


With highly qualified and experienced professionals, the provided services are developed with the objective of attending the requirements of clients in a personalized way, always considering the highest quality standards.


With its own engineering, Interunion offers the market all the expertise of its team to plan and develop projects with quality and competence such as:

– Viability studies;
– Application of the best technologies for each project;
– Process, basic and detail engineering.

Supervision of Assembly

Technical staff with training to instruct in the assembly of equipment and systems, optimizing time and ensuring the correct installation and operation of machines and processes.

Technical Assistance

Engineers and technicians prepared to meet the interests of our customers, with fast and efficient solutions.


Developed in a personalized way for its clients, these trainings qualify technicians to handle the equipments, thus ensuring the best possible performance.

Engineering, Supervision of assembly, Technical assistance and Training.
Logistics services


Over 30 years of experience, Interunion has acquired unique expertise in providing intelligent and integrated solutions in all logistics modalities, managing the whole process in a flexible and optimized way, ensuring deadlines, security and compliance with all requirements.

Logistic: Air, Maritime, Road, Rail.
Administrative services


With a specialized team, Interunion is prepared to advise clients and suppliers on the procedures related to financing, provision of guarantees, legal, tax and customs matters.

Financial, Legal, Customs and Tax advices.